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Benefits Of 529 College Savings Plans

What better time than May 29 (5-29) to discuss 529 college savings plans? Whether you and your spouse are divorcing or not, saving for your children's college education should be part of your long-term financial plans. 

How much spousal support will I get?

One of the most common questions I get is about spousal support. Am I eligible? If so, how much will I get? Will I have to pay spousal support? If so, how much and for how long? While it would be easy to say, "There's a calculation and all you...

Preparing for Divorce: Protect Yourself With These Simple Steps

If you’re facing the end of your marriage, you are understandably distraught and perhaps frantic. You have so much to think about, so many plans to make, so much legal paperwork and so many things you will be facing now as a single, rather than a...

What Is Divorce Mediation?

Your spouse may have made up his mind that he wants out of the marriage. Whether it came as a surprise or if you saw it coming, you need to protect yourself, your marital assets and consider the best interests of the children (if there are any).

Executive Compensation in Divorce - Critical Info You Need to Know

Thank you to Nancy Hetrick, CDFA, MAFF, AWMA from Smarter Divorce Financial Solutions for contributing a blog on this important topic!


Divorce is never easy and often has financial complexities that require an expert to evaluate. Some of the...

Face Your Financial Fears: Values-Based Financial Planning

What are your values surrounding money? Do you have a values-based financial plan in place? Ask yourself: Do you value financial independence or do you value financial security? This is a very important distinction you need to make when you're ...

Grey Divorce Financial Planning

Grey divorce financial planning is crucial for peace of mind as well as your financial security. 

How To Make Joint Custody Work In The Summer

Coordinating schedules when you’re divorced and have joint custody of the children can be trying at the best of times. When summer vacations roll around, the coordination may become even more of a task, especially when you’re planning for child...

Financial Literacy Month: Top 7 Financial Goals You Should Have

Top 7 Financial Goals You Should Have 

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