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Who Gets The House In A Divorce?

As with many of the topics I have written about, there is not a simple answer to the question of who gets the house in a divorce. It is, however, a question that comes up over and over as I work with divorcing couples. The family home is one of...

How (EFT) Tapping Can Help Relieve Stress From Divorce

Going through a divorce is likely one of the most stressful events you will ever have to deal with. Even though it is stressful (in fact, because it is a stressful time), you need to practice self-care and protect your physical and emotional...

Shared Parenting: How Divorced Dads Can Celebrate Father’s Day

When you’re divorced or going through a divorce, you and your (soon-to-be) ex may need to create a Shared Parenting Plan. A Shared Parenting Plan details schedules for visitation, holidays and other dates as they relate to the children. This is...

Good Financial Planning: How To Protect Yourself In A Divorce

Whether the ink is barely dry on your marriage certificate, or if you’ve been married for a few years or decades, getting a divorce is a mentally, physically and potentially financially draining experience. Here are some basic divorce financial...

Unique Financial Concerns For Grey Divorce


Social Security Benefits and Divorce

Thank you, Mary Salisbury, CDFA, for sharing this guest blog on such an important topic. Additional information about Mary can be found below.

3 Mindset Shifts to Make as You Prepare for Mediation

The following is a guest post written by Erica N. Reed, LCSW-C. Additional information about Erica can be found below.

Benefits Of 529 College Savings Plans

What better time than May 29 (5-29) to discuss 529 college savings plans? Whether you and your spouse are divorcing or not, saving for your children's college education should be part of your long-term financial plans. 

How much spousal support will I get?

One of the most common questions I get is about spousal support. Am I eligible? If so, how much will I get? Will I have to pay spousal support? If so, how much and for how long? While it would be easy to say, "There's a calculation and all you...

Preparing for Divorce: Protect Yourself With These Simple Steps

If you’re facing the end of your marriage, you are understandably distraught and perhaps frantic. You have so much to think about, so many plans to make, so much legal paperwork and so many things you will be facing now as a single, rather than a...

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