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How To Calculate Child Support

For those who have minor children at the time of a divorce, one party or the other will likely be paying child support (unless they truly share parenting 50/50 and make about the same amount of money). Child support is paid until the child...

How to Select a Divorce Attorney

Have you or your spouse decided that it's time to get a divorce? The following tips will help you pick the right attorney for you.

The Benefits of Working with a Financial Neutral on your Divorce Mediation

There are some great benefits to going through mediation rather than litigating a divorce. Most importantly, you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse make all the decisions about your family and your finances.  

The Power of Broke

Post-Divorce Support

Over the last several months, I have started receiving more questions about post-divorce support. I really enjoy continuing to work with clients post-divorce but I also take new clients who have already finalized the process. I find...

Divorce or Dissolution? Know your options.

Divorce or dissolution? Which is right for you? Both are legal processes that end a marriage. A divorce is when one party files a formal legal complaint against the other. The party must be able to prove legal grounds for the divorce. A...

Happy New Year! Time to Reach Some Financial Goals


Get Ready for the New Year NOW!

Over the next couple of weeks, I thought I would explore how to prepare for success with your financial resolutions in the new year.Before even deciding on a plan, consider your big goals. Do you want to retire in 10 years? Are you planning a...

How are your beliefs about money impacting you?

QDRO: I need a what??

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