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How To Make Joint Custody Work In The Summer

Coordinating schedules when you’re divorced and have joint custody of the children can be trying at the best of times. When summer vacations roll around, the coordination may become even more of a task, especially when you’re planning for child...

Financial Literacy Month: Top 7 Financial Goals You Should Have

Top 7 Financial Goals You Should Have 

Looking for a divorce support group?


What Is A 'Grey' Divorce?


Have you heard of a "grey" divorce? It's becoming a trend among Americans, over the age of 50, to divorce. In the past this would have been a time when couples were navigating the empty nest and their Golden Years of retirement were in front of...

Face Your Financial Fears: Take Control Of Your Income


Did you know there are five ways you can take control of your financial fears? It's true and it'1s what I talked about in a recent episode of my BizTV show

How EFT Can Help With Stresses Of Divorce

Divorce is one of the most stressful experiences a woman can live through. It brings with it feelings of frustration, anger, despair, failure and anger. When you’re going through a divorce you may have a lack of confidence and your self-esteem...

What is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst?

Dealing with a divorce is a stress beyond compare for many people. When you add to that the emotional stress of complicated financial issues that arise during this time, means it is crucial to enlist professional help to assure your money...

Financial Literacy Month: Money Management Tips For Your Children

Financial literacy starts at a young age. Children emulate what they see their parents do and this is especially true when it comes to money, both saving it and spending it.  Research has shown that the youth of today have a distinct lack of...

National Retirement Planning Week: Don't Let Your Divorce Throw You Off Course


National retirement planning week (April 10-14, 2017) is a time when those nearing retirement age should set aside time to: 

  • Look at their current financial situation
  • Determine what they want their life in retirement to look like
  • Talk with a...

Post-Divorce Budgeting

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