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Financial Literacy Month: Top 7 Financial Goals You Should Have

Top 7 Financial Goals You Should Have 

Financial Literacy Month: Money Management Tips For Your Children

Financial literacy starts at a young age. Children emulate what they see their parents do and this is especially true when it comes to money, both saving it and spending it.  Research has shown that the youth of today have a distinct lack of...

National Retirement Planning Week: Don't Let Your Divorce Throw You Off Course


National retirement planning week (April 10-14, 2017) is a time when those nearing retirement age should set aside time to: 

  • Look at their current financial situation
  • Determine what they want their life in retirement to look like
  • Talk with a...

Post-Divorce Budgeting

Reduce Expenses Without A Daily Struggle


The Beauty of Budgeting: 4 Tips to Get You Started


A budget is a path to financial freedom. Using this basic element of financial planning  is your road map to financial security and the life of your dreams.

Post-Divorce Support

Over the last several months, I have started receiving more questions about post-divorce support. I really enjoy continuing to work with clients post-divorce but I also take new clients who have already finalized the process. I find...

Happy New Year! Time to Reach Some Financial Goals


Get Ready for the New Year NOW!

Over the next couple of weeks, I thought I would explore how to prepare for success with your financial resolutions in the new year.Before even deciding on a plan, consider your big goals. Do you want to retire in 10 years? Are you planning a...